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Young Jaden Gunawardena was the attraction of the spectators in the second round of the Speed Championship 2011 held at the Pannala motor racing track on Sunday. The nine year old kid put his senior riders in the shade when he won all the three races he articipated on the day.

Jaden a grade four student of Gateway College Negombo along with his younger brother Aaron kept the spectators on their toes with some scintillating riding. Aaron a grade two student at the same school who also took part in three events came second in one event and took third slots in the next two events.

Jaden riding TVS Star 125cc motorbike secured his first win in the Group ‘J’ Standard 125cc for riders in the age group of under 16. The second and third win was an open event for bikes in the Group ‘O’ Standard up to 125cc where two races were held. 

Jaden succeeded in both the races and the ten lap race saw 23 riders facing the starter which included two Indian riders Kumar Jegan and Purushothaman Karthik. In both the events Jaden came back from behind after being led for most part of the races. In the second event Kumar Jegan who had to play second fiddle in both the races led from the start and held it for almost nine laps before Jaden accelerated in the last lap to outsmart his Indian rival at the final bend while his brother Aaron kept the other Indian Karthik at bay to take the third slot in both the races.

Four of the 19 races scheduled by the co-organizers Ceylon Motor Sports Club (CMSC), Sri Lanka Motorcycle Club (SLMC), Motor Racing Association (MRA) and Asian Motor Racing Club (AMRC)  were not held due to various reasons but the spectators were given their moneys worth.

The Formula Ford along with the Formula Mclarens and the SL GT up to 3500cc events were some of the attractions of the day. The Formula events were dominated by experience driver Dinesh Jayawardena who was on a class of his own taking the Post 85 event while Praveen Madugalle and Gayan Ranatunga shared the Formula Mclarens events and Susantha Gunawardena the Pre 85 event.

Veteran driver Hafiz Cader showed that he is not out of touch and is a driver to be reckoned with when he took the SL-A up to 1050cc event. The ladies too had a field day with S.A. Lakshitha putting her male counterparts into shame by winning the Nissan March 1000cc event.

Dinesh Deheragoda was too good for his rivals in the SLGT 3500c event as he had things his own way from start to finish to take the event with the minimum of fuss. The notable absentee in this event was Aravinda Premadasa while the vehicle of Pasindu Peiris gave away after four laps of the ten lap race.

The other successful drivers of the day were Azlie Irshad who took the first race of the day which was the Mini Standard One Make and Ashan Silva who won the SL-H 1600cc event while Thuwan Princy (Group ‘O’ Standard 125cc 2Stroke), Uditha Srimal Malavige (SM Super Motard 250cc 4Stroke), Ned Daniel (Group ‘O’ Standard 250cc 4Stroke) and Suraj Perera (SM Super Motard 450cc 4 Stroke) were winners in the motorbike category.

The Pannala motor racing track which was idling for some time has now been given a fresh look with modern facilities and the organizers came in for high praise from the riders and drivers who participated in the events. The third round of the Speed 2011 is scheduled to be held on June 26.



Motor Cars –

(1). Mini Standard  – 1.  Azlie Irshad  (Austin Mini 1000 CC). 2.  Mudith Maddumarachchi  (Austin Mini 1000cc). 3. Dilan Perera (Austin Mini 998cc). (2). Nissan March 1000cc – 1. S. A. Lakshitha (Nissan March 997cc). 2. Michael Wijesuriya (Nissan March 1000cc).  3. S. A. Harsha (Nissan March 1000cc).  (3). Formula Mclarens 1300cc – 1. Praveen Madugalle (Formula Mclarens 1300cc). 2. Thiwanka Wijesekara  (Formula Mclarens 1300cc. 3. Sithara Peries (Formula Mclarens 1300cc). (4). SL ´A´ Cars Up to 1050cc – 1. Hafiz Cader (Austin Mini 1050cc. 2. Ajith Keerthi (Austin Mini 1050cc. 3.   Michael Wijesuriya (Nissan March 1000cc. (5) SL ´H´ Cars Up to 1600cc – 1. Ashan Silva (Honda Civic 1600cc. 2. Dilan Seneviratne (Honda Civic 1600cc). (6). SL GT Cars up to 3500cc – 1. Dinesh Deheragoda (Mishubishi Evolution 2000cc). 2. Reyas Farook (Mishubishi Evolution 2000cc). 3. Rameez Mahamoor (Mishubishi Evolution 2000cc). (7). Formula Ford 1600cc (Post 85) – 1. Dinesh Jayawardane (Formula Ford 1600cc.)  2. Dilan Seneviratne (Formula Ford 1600cc). 3. Rohan de Silva (Formula Ford 1600cc). (8). Formula Ford 1600 CC (Pre 85) – 1. Susantha Gunawardane (Formula Ford 1600cc). 2.   S. A. Harsha (Formula Ford 1600cc). 3. Kaushal Samarasinghe (Formula Ford 1600cc). (9). Formula Ford 1300cc – 1. Gayan Ranatunga (Formula Mclarens 1300cc).  2.   Dharsha Pathirana (Formula Mclarens 1300cc). 3. Sithara Peris (Formula Mclarens         1300cc).  

Motorcycles –

 (1). Motorcycles Group ‘J’ Standard Up to 125cc (4Stroke) Under 16 years – 1. Jaden Gunawardane (TVS Star 125cc). 2. Aaron Gunawardane (TVS Star 125cc). 3. Nimesh Sandaruwan (TVS Star 125cc). (2). Motorcycles Group ‘O’ Standard up to 125cc (2Stroke) – 1. Thuwan Princy (Cagiva Mito 125cc). 2. Shane Silva (Yamaha TZR 125cc). 3. Sujith Karunasekara (Yamaha TZR 125cc). (3). Motorcycles – Ladies up to 50cc – 1. Dissra Dilrukshi. 2. W. Hansika. 3. Shashini Fernando. (4). Motorcycles Group ‘O’ Standard up to 125cc (4Stroke) (Race 01) – 1.   Jaden Gunawardane (TVS Star 125cc). 2. Kumar Jegan (TVS Star 125cc). 3. Aaron Gunawardane (TVS Star          125cc). (5). Motorcycles Super Motard up to 250cc (4Stroke) – 1. Udika Srimal Malavige (Yamaha YZF 250cc). 2. Sujith Karunasekara (Kawasaki KXF 250cc). 3.    Luxman Anurakumara (Yamaha WRF 250cc). (6) Motorcycles Standard up to 250cc (4Stroke) -  1. Ned Daniel (Honda NS 250cc). 2.   Sheron Fernando (Honda CBR 250cc). 3   Maduranga Caldera (Honda CBR 250cc). (7) Motorcycles Super Motard up to 450cc (4Stroke) – 1. Suraj Perera (Honda CRF 450cc). 2. Ushan Perera (Yamaha WRF 450cc).  3. Ramal Pathiratne (Yamaha WRF 450cc). (8) Motorcycles Group ‘O’ Standard up to 125cc (4Stroke) (Race 02) – 1. Jaden Gunawardane (TVS Star 125cc). 2. Kumar Jegan (TVS Star 125cc). 3. Aaron Gunawardane (TVS Star 125cc). 


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Posted on Monday, May 30, 2011 @ 10:48:41 LKT


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