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Champion Malagamuwa invincible on Lamboghini

Champion Sri Lanka driver Dilantha Malagamuwa continued his winning spree at the Malysian GT Championship winning both races of the Round Two to make a clean sweep of four wins out of four races so far this season.

Having hit the winning formula with his stunningly powerful Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560, Malagamuwa cruised to victory in both Race three and four of the season, though some of his toughest contenders have now shifted to much more powerful machines, some even awesome than the power of the Lamborghini.

Mok Weng Sun competed the Round 2 on a brand new Ferrari 458Italia GT3 while the other top contender David Lai raced on a newly upgraded Lamborghini which Malagamuwa described as “much faster than my car”.

Malagamuwa who had been invited to be a judge for the Miss Sri Lanka Contest, honoured his obligation and had to rush back to Malaysia to be in time for the races.Having rushed to the Colombo Airport, soon after the event, Malagamuwa went straight to the track from the Kuala Lumpur Airport.

But he could not do any testing as a problem with the instrument panel cost him dearly. However, he gave a fine performance on the following day and grabbed the pole.

As he has done in all races this season, Malagamuwa led from pole to flag in an incident free Race 1 ahead of Lai and Weng. The second race was affected by rain, but it came as a fortune for Malagamuwa.

 “It was  a wet race and I was praying for it as I had only one set of slick tires which I had already used for qualifying and the first race. Just one hour before the race it started raining” Malagamuwa described his luck.

His crew was also able to fix the instrument panel for the second race which helped him immensely.

Once again, there were no challengers to the power of Malagamuwa as he began to pull away slowly from the rest after the first lap. “After5 laps I had a comfortable lead and

There were no terrors till the flag” Malagamuwa said. Weng finished second while Lai was third.

 “I was so happy to win both races from pole and four races in a row. I have now proven that I could win both in dry or wet conditions” claimed Malagamuwa.  “The other cars were much faster in the straight. My mechanics did a great job although we didn’t have our chief engineer.”Malagamuwa said.

He has finally been able to secure a sponsor from Sri Lanka as Browns Group became the first company from his motherland to sponsor him, despite Malagamuwa’s endless achievements at international stage bringing glory to the country year after year.

 “I am much grateful to Browns for their noble gesture and I hope more companies from Sri  Lanka will join them to sponsor me in the future. I must also thank my Malaysian Sponsors Ray AX and Sata and also Chronoforce of Hong Kong. They do a lot of publicity for me in Asia. I hope more Sri Lankan companies can use me for their marketing and publicity.”  Malagamuwa added.

 “I am still carrying the message "WE LOVE AND SUPPORT JAPAN" with the Japanese flag on my car and also on my team uniform. I started it after Japan was devastated by the recent Tsunami catastrophe. I am hoping to do it for the whole of this year as a mark of respect for all the support and assistance Japan has given Sri Lanka for the last four decades” said Malagamuwa.

 “I will try my best to win both races this week end. I will have the Lamborghini for only one more round in Sepang as the car has to leave to Japan for Asian GT. I will have to compete in the next three rounds in my Porsche cup car; and competing against other faster cars.” Malagamuwa had told the official Malaysian Super Series website before the race.

 “So I want to get the maximum points and I want to win MSS once again,” he had vowed before achieving it later.


Posted on Saturday, June 04, 2011 @ 09:07:41 LKT


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