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Points system for suspension of driving licences

Motorists will risk having their driving licences suspended for up to a year under a Driver Improvement Points system to be implemented next year, a top official said yesterday.

The regulations under the Motor Traffic Act had been worked out by Transport Minister Kumar Welgama but its implementation was likely to take time, Motor Traffic Commissioner B.D.L. Dharmapriya said.
He said those who accumulated between eighteen and 23 points within 24 months would be given a warning by the Commissioner–General while those who exceed 23 points would have their licences suspended for a year. As for those holding instructor’s licences, two consecutive suspensions within four years would lead to the cancellationof their licences.

The commissioner said there would also be provision for the remission of the period of suspension if the offender participated in a training programme.

The offences that carry the highest number of ten points include failure to stop after an accident on a highway and to furnish relevant information, failure to report an accident to the nearest police station or driving a vehicle that is likely to cause danger or harm to people, property or other vehicles.

Driving a motor vehicle on a highway recklessly or in a dangerous manner or at a dangerous speed will earn eight points.

Some of the other point accumulations will be for exceeding the prescribed speed limits on a highway (6); trying to overtake other vehicles without a clear view of the road ahead (6); failing to comply with oral directions or hand signals given by a police officer or a traffic warden (6); driving a motor vehicle which has emissions above the prescribed standards (6); using or permitting to use amplifying equipment in a vehicle with a volume of sound above the prescribed standards (6); failure to wear a seat belt or failing to ensure the front seat passenger wear a seat belt (3); and failure to give way at a zebra crossing while a pedestrian is at the crossing (6).


Posted on Monday, October 31, 2011 @ 09:49:02 LKT


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