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Dilantha and Sriyan excel at Colombo Night Race

Lanka´s number one race driver, Dilantha Malagamuwa, and Sriyan Samuel excelled in the Colombo Night Race with two wins to their credit. In a race where speed and power was the talking point, Malagamuwa displayed superb driving skills and courage against some of the overseas drivers who came from India and Malaysia.

The two Indians won in both Volkswagen Polo Races

There were thousands from various parts of Sri Lanka to feel the heat and enjoyment if the first race of this nature to be held in Sri Lanka. There were 19 events from 8.30 pm, Saturday till the dawn of Sunday.

In a training session of the second, 4 vehicles hit each other but there were no injuries. However, the accident delayed the start of the event by 45 minutes.

Shriyan Samuel who won 250 CC events in the open race of motor cycles was exceptional. In the meantime, Goonawardane Brothers, nine year old Jaden and eight year old Aron placed second and third placed in the 125 CC event.

In the formula III event, Gayan Ranathunga and Ashan Silva maintained their reputation to claim a win each. Thivanka Wijesooriya, a winner of the Pannala formula McLaren’s 1300 CC was the 5th in this event.

Nissan March 1000 CC event was easily won by Dhammika Peiris but S.A. Lakshika, being a lady driver, showed excellent courage to go past many experienced male drivers to clinch third place.

In the SLGT cars 3500 CC event, Pasindu Pieris and Ashan Silva had a tough battle but Pasindu had the last laugh.

Rohitha Rajapakshe, son of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, also took part in the S. L. H. 1600 CC event.

Complete Results Sheet

Event 1- VW Polo Cup 1600cc

1. Munjal Savia

2. Mihir Dharkar

3. Romani De Silva

Event 2- GT 3/ GT 4 Race

1. Dilantha Malagamuwa – Porsche

2. Brent Odgers – Porsche

3. Angus Kirkwood

Event 3- Group Standard 125-2 stroke

1. Shiran Samuel

2. Thuwan Princy

3. W. C. P. Weerasinghe

Event 4- Nissan March 1000cc

1. Dhammika Peiris

2. Ushan De Silva

3. S. A. Lakshika

Event 5- SL-N Ford Laser/ Mazda 1300cc

1. Susantha Gunawardena

2. Upulwan Serasinghe

3. Irfan Fuard

Event 6- SL-A Mini 7- 1000cc

1. Sashika Lakmal Wijerathne

2. Sachith Pathirana

3. Donald Buultjens

Event 7- Super Motard upto 250cc

1. Yohan Ranjith Silva

2. Gayan Sandaruwan

3. Udika Srimal

Event 8- Standard Motor Bikes 125cc- 4 strokes

1. Chatura Madushanka

2. Jaden Gunawardane

3. Aaron Gunawardane

Event 9- Ford Laser / Mazda 1500cc

1. Chaminda Weerasooriya

2. Susantha Gunawardane

3. Irfan Fuard

Event 10- SL-A Cars upto 1050cc

1. Sithara Peiris

2. Ajith Keerthi

3. Damitha Abeyratne

Event 11- Motor Cycles Group Std 4 stroke 250cc

1. Shiran Samuels

2. Ned Daniels

3. Maduranga Caldera

Event 12- Formula Mclarens 1300cc

1. Gayan Ranathunghe

2. Asela Ekanayake

3. Darsha Pathirana

Event 13- VW Polo 1600cc

1. Mihir Darka (India)

2. Ardhitya Pattel (India)

3. Awidumbher Hed (India)

Event 14- S-LH-1600cc

1. Dilan Senawiratne

2. Ashan Silva

3. Sajad Suhair

Event 15- GT 4

1. Dilantha Malagamuwa

2. Brent Odguers

3. Angus Kirkwood

Event 16- Super Motard 450cc

1. Suraj Perera

2. Ananda Wedisinghe

3. Ramal Pathirana

Event 17- Motor Bikes 250cc Open

1. Sriyan Samuel

2. Madhuranga Caldera

3. Prasanna R. Subasinghe

Event 18- Formula Ford 1600cc

1. Ashan Silva

2. Dinesh Jayawardane

3. Ricas Kalid

Event 19- SL- GT Super Car 3500cc

1. Pasindu Peiris

2. Ashan Silva

3. Darren Weerasinghe


Posted on Monday, December 19, 2011 @ 11:06:46 LKT


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