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Roadside vehicle emission tests soon

Vehicle testing teams from the Motor Traffic Department (MTD) will soon stop any vehicle that emits black smoke and conduct random emission checks with roadside vehicle emission testing to be introduced all over the country for the first time.

The Department is in the process of procuring smog analyzers and opacity metres to conduct the operation, said Motor Traffic Department (MTD) Vehicle Emission Testing Project Director A W Dissanayaka.

The roadside testing will be done with the assistance of the police or authorized personnel from MTD, Central Environment Authority and Measurement Unit and Standards Department, he said.

Suitable test sites will be selected and vehicles will be pulled off the road at random to conduct acceleration tests to determine their exhaust emissions. .

If a vehicle is found to be in breach with legal emission limits set out by the authorities, the owner of the vehicle will be issued a ‘repair notice’ by the Department,” said Dissananyaka. They will be required to effect repairs and submit their vehicles for a re-test, said Dissanayaka. Re-tests will be done at emission testing centers which are run by licensed operators, CleanCo and Laugfs, which issue mandatory vehicle emission testing certificates to vehicle owners to obtain their revenue licence.

“We will give vehicle owners time frames during which they are expected to have their vehicles repaired,” he said.

Failing to do so, the MTD will issue a Prohibition Notice, he said. “Prohibition may be delayed giving extra time to the owner to fix his vehicle. Our aim is to reduce air pollution caused by vehicular emissions,”he stressed.

”The roadside emission tests are expected to take off the worst air polluting motor vehicles off the road,” he said.

“The procedure is envisioned to enhance the ongoing Vehicle Emission Testing Program in terms of its effective implementation,” he said.

Where vehicle owners are found to have neglected maintenance of their vehicles on a regular basis, the department will keep the owner’s revenue licence. The police will take his or her driving licence.

The Motor Traffic Department is planning to buy 23 smog analyzers and opacity metres. The equipment will be Indian made, according to Motor Traffic Department. Some equipment will be given to the Central Environment Authority and the Measurement Unit and Standards Department as part of the program.

The Measurement Unit and Standards Department will set emission standards and calibrate the equipment for testing. “MTD is taking steps to recruit people with technical skills from the German Technical Training Institute to conduct the roadside tests,” he said.

“Much is being done to improve the conduct of vehicle emission tests to manage air pollution caused by motor vehicles, “ he said.

“The road side emission testing is envisioned to enhance the ongoing Vehicle Emission Testing Program in terms of its effective implementation,” he said.

MTD recently established a Project Office in Narahenpita to oversee the conduct of its overall Vehicle Emission Testing Program.

Dissanayaka said moves are under way to set up an Emission Inspection Unit at the department.

The roadside tests are expected to compliment emission testing carried out with over 200 fixed and mobile emission testing centers throughout the country.

Dissanayaka said lower vehicle emissions minimize respiratory illnesses and fuel wastage.

Hence the vehicle emission testing saves energy and money of the public.


Posted on Monday, January 31, 2011 @ 09:37:22 LKT


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